Brick Pallet Flooring

It's funny how long it can take for us to recognize the obvious low cost building techniques. The sort that any self respecting castaway wouldn't miss for a minute. We see expensive, house building materials (including uber-expensive timber flooring) arrive at site on wood pallets. The pallets then lay around for a while, are left by the side of the road, or crushed. Hello!

Well, plenty of people have used discarded wood pallets for all sorts of things (fences, sheds, bed bases, compost bins, etc.), and "scrounging" is an age old technology.

Pallet bigfoot fence

Pallet chicken coop

...and pallet shed.

As a low cost building material for low cost houses, they have been somewhat neglected. Well, finally someone is trying to make use of these wasted pallets (and make money) on an industrial scale. The website wasn't up when I checked, but I did find what looks like a nerdy corporate Powerpoint presentation detailing their process. Here's a pic of what the finished product looks like:


For a great step-by-step guide to removing pallet wood for reuse yourself, see the tutorial here. (We would've thought punching the nails in would save time (and wood) - but hey.

If anyone has any tips for planing, staining and laying pallet wood floors, perfect for an eco, low cost home approach - we'd love to hear them!

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Rancher Girl said...

We put a pallet wood floor in our new home. Here is the blog and links to how we did it...
Tons of work but worth every second!
Rancher Girl

Julia Carlson said...

I never knew that pallets were still used for things like this! What great ideas! My grandpa used to have a pallet fence. I used to climb it and get hurt all the time. I never learned.

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Unknown said...

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